Meet the Artists

Yadanar Win

Yadanar Win is a multimedia artist formerly based in Yangon, Myanmar. With an early interest in international exchange, she joined New Zero Art Space in 2009, where artists from all over the world gathered. She was involved in the cultural scene of Myanmar not only as an artist, but also as an organizer and coordinator of several cultural projects and exchanges.
She seamlessly joins her own body with the staging of her performances, bringing them together to form a unique work of art. Showcasing her willingness to experiment with all mediums and go beyond the more traditional styles of the Myanmar art scene. Her performances are passionate and critical, often citing the plight of Myanmar’s peace process or her personal struggles as a young female artist.
On February 18, 2021, Yadanar held an art performance protest against the violence of the junta, under the Myay-ni-Gone bridge in Yangon, where several protesters had gathered. Her performance went viral on social media and hence she had to flee the country before a search warrant for her could be issued. She is currently based in France, where she continues her work as an artist-activist.


Born in 1987 in Paung City, Kolatt worked and lived in Yangon, Myanmar. Kolatt graduated from Yangon University and then joined New Zero Art Space in 2009, where he attended several workshops led by international and local artists. In 2012, he studied fine arts at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, and then returned to Yangon, working as a performance and multimedia artist.
His works expresses and reflects his personal impressions of social norms, homosexuality, and dogmas in faith and politics. He participated in several art exhibitions across Europe and Asia. During the last two years, Kolatt has focused on his experience as a young homosexual artist, as well as freedom of expression, and the social and cultural boundaries in Myanmar.
Kolatt was actively involved in the art movement protesting against the military coup of 2021, both individually and as part of the 3AM art collective, which he founded with two other performance artists. After being invited to Europe by a French art organization, he worked on a number of art performances, expressing his personal emotions and feelings of anger, hope, and fear, while highlighting the situation of Myanmar.