About the Artworks

Golden Shadows – Voices of Two Exiled Artists presents photographic artworks from three live art performances, all of which have been performed jointly by Yadanar and Kolatt in 2021-2022. The exhibition displays 12 photographs in three series, each representing a selection from the corresponding live art performance.
These photographs capture and encapsule experiences Yadanar and Kolatt express through their bodies, conveying the emotions they infuse in their live art performances. Inspired by the original material and message, the displayed works create new ties and meanings among themselves. In turn, conveying their own powerful emotions and narrative – thus, becoming artworks of their own.

Bloody Gold

This series captures Yadanar and Kolatt’s deeply personal and emotional representation of the political situation in Myanmar.
A constant presence in the series, the color gold symbolizes the motherland and its rich resources and culture. The rice that springs from this richness is a gift from the land, as well as the main source of nourishment for its people. However, both the gold and the rice have now become tainted with blood.
Bloody Gold portrays the wasteful violence of the current situation in Myanmar, as well as its people’s struggle to keep their hope alive:
“The people of Myanmar [keep] fighting for their golden future.” – Yadanar & Kolatt

Crimson Conquest

Due to the growing conflicts between the civilian population and the military junta in Myanmar, many activists, fearing for their lives, fled from their homes – leaving their loved ones behind.
In Crimson Conquest Yadanar and Kolatt express their concerns about their disappearing identities as artists in foreign lands, symbolized by their faces becoming hidden behind black paint. Yet the chosen loss of their features also becomes a form of protection – as fame also constitutes a risk for the safety of those who they left back home.
Finally, the flowers the artists carry are a tribute to the unknown innocents who lost their lives in the struggle against military oppression:
“[...] dedicated to the sacrificed Lives of our spring heroes, crying mothers, detained sisters and our friends: we dance with you while we fight with art.” – Yadanar & Kolatt

Bloody Coup

The Bloody Coup series focuses on selected shots from the live art protest held under the Myay-ni-Gone Bridge in Yangon after the execution of democracy activists by Myanmar’s military junta. Yadanar and Kolatt performed the protest together with fellow artist Mai Ei as part of the 3AM collective.
The powerful images reflect the artists’ feelings of betrayal, sadness and anger, but also their courage as they openly express their dissent: cutting off the roots of soybean sprouts as if they were the roots of the military itself.
Later, in February 2021, the military began shooting protesters, killing many activists. After that, people became more hesitant to hold peaceful gatherings, performances and acts of dissent.